We help healthcare providers build beautiful businesses

We do anything and everything to help healthcare providers build beautiful businesses. After 15 years, that looks something like this:

  1. We help healthcare providers start their practices by providing legal, documentation, and licensing assistance.
  2. We help healthcare providers communicate with patients and employees better and more securely by providing communication software such as phone, fax, email, and secure messaging.
  3. We help healthcare providers run compliant, successful practices by providing a software platform for practice management and clinical documentation.
  4. We help healthcare providers quickly recruit, onboard, and train great employees by providing a software platform for employee management.
  5. We help healthcare providers quickly find, engage, and connect with potential patients and referral sources by providing a marketing software platform.
  6. We help healthcare providers automate many of the tedious tasks required in healthcare by providing an augmented intelligence software platform.
  7. We help healthcare providers connect with patients who are homebound or unable to visit the office by providing a virtual care software platform.
  8. We help healthcare providers quickly and securely onboard new employees and make them as productive as possible by providing a hardware and IT services platform.
  9. We help healthcare providers grow their business quickly and successfully by providing branding, consulting, training, and strategic guidance.

With all of these products and services, our goal is to make healthcare beautiful - in every interaction, in every encounter, in every waiting room, in every home.


Our History

15 years of innovation in healthcare with one powerful mission

“Build Beautiful Things to Heal the World”



The GoodLooking Company

Starting in 2001, we first built a software system for medical billing, collections, and data management.

In 2003, we launched our first practice management system for homecare agencies.

In 2009, we launched a healthcare law firm and expanded the software into pediatrics.

In 2011, we expanded the software into private duty nursing and hospice.

In 2013, we expanded the software into rehabilitation clinics.

In 2014, we started creating a new Augmented Intelligence platform.

In 2015, we moved to Austin, Texas and launched two homecare agencies.

In 2017, we launched INTELLIGENCE and AUGMENT, a practice management platform with advanced augmented intelligence for healthcare providers. We also expanded to the United Kingdom that year.

We are currently expanding the software to physicians and hospitals.

We are also launching the first full vertical integration of the Virtual Care continuum - connecting clinicians, interpreters, specialists, and health tracking from patient bedside to clinic to hospital room.


If you want to see where we are going in the future, read Vision 2020.

Media Kit

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GoodLooking CEO, Jonathon Kovar