“Business is a landmine. One wrong step and you could lose everything.

Automation is the only way forward.”

Automate Billing and Collections

  • Automate more than 50% of your claims scrubbing, coding, authorizations, and transmitting

  • Automate claim status checks, error correcting, and refiling

  • Automate timely filing deadline submissions

  • Automate 40% of the collections process, including collector productivity for real-time, high value accounts


Automate Recruiting and Staffing

  • Automate more than 50% of your open shift staffing, by job, location, and skillset

  • Automate 75% of the screening and hiring process

  • Automate the onboarding and training process with online forms, trainings, and strategic follow up and testing

  • Automate employee engagement with mentoring, training, performance reviews, and QA analyses

Automate Ops and QA

  • Automate more than 25% of your clinical documentation using our industry-designed wizards

  • Automate chart reviews and billing validations with 100+ compliance checks

  • Automate quarterly audits, site surveys, compliance risk management, and employee risk management

  • Automate state surveys and audits with augmented chart compilations, review and preparation - with our proprietary Surveyor Portal

Automation Example: New Hire Documents

here is just a sample of items we have helped create, track, and monitor with our Augmented Intelligence engines

  • W-4

  • State Withholding and Registration

  • Direct Deposit Agreement

  • Competency Evaluation

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Non-Compete Agreement

  • Work for Hire Agreement

  • Employee Status Change with Job Description Acknowledgement

  • Workers Compensation Notice of Coverage/Non-Coverage

  • Employee Handbook Acknowledgement

  • Company Policy and Procedures Manual Acknowledgement

  • Permission to photograph, text, or call

  • Resume (and possible Cover Letter)

  • Application for Employment

  • Interview Analysis

  • References Verification

  • Education and Resume Verification

  • Offer letter with job description, salary, and criminal history disclaimer

  • Acceptance of Offer

  • Consent to Conduct Criminal History Verification (include Drug Test Consent if needed)

  • Criminal History Verification

  • Welcome Letter (with orientation information)

  • I-9

  • E-Verify confirmation

Mobile Workforce Documents

  • Proof of Automobile Registration

  • Driving/Vehicle Use Policy Acknowledgement

  • Driver’s License Verification

  • Automobile Insurance Verification

Healthcare Documents

  • CPR Certification Verification

  • First Aid Certification Verification

  • Hepatitis B Acknowledgement/Screening

  • License Verification

  • OIG Exclusions Verification

  • Nurse Aide Registry Verification

  • Tuberculosis Screening

Can I Automate [insert your problem here]?

Answer: Yes!

Good question. And one we asked a few years ago.

We hated seeing so much waste in healthcare. So we spent two years building our augmented intelligence engines to automate 75% of your billing, collections, recruiting, onboarding, training, QA, and HR processes.

So now, we can confidently answer “Yes!” to almost any automation question.

Our team will work with you to create the perfect forms, processes, and validations to make your automations successful on day one.

If you’re interested, just complete the form below to get started. It’s absolutely free and we won’t bombard you with sales emails.

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“Augmented Intelligence…is the future.”

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