“The high performing businesses of the future are the ones that invest in innovation today.”


Our mission at GoodLooking is to help visionary leaders “build something beautiful to heal the world.” We understand, from experience, just how hard innovation is. It is especially difficult when your personal standards require honesty, integrity, and being faithful to your commitments.

It seems like the “visionaries” who get all the attention are guys who like to boast about things they haven’t built, make promises they can’t keep, and cover up their lies by making even bigger ones. That’s not GoodLooking. That’s not leadership.

Our mission is to make life easier for the ethical visionary leader. To build tools, technology, and trainings that help you compete against those other guys. To give you a competitive advantage without cutting corners.

Our mission is to help you focus on perfecting your craft. We take care of all the other stuff.

Leave the bullshit to someone else. The world needs you to lead.

Why Innovate with GoodLooking?



Experience Matters

18 years of technology innovation means we know how to do it right the first time.

Money Matters

We’ve handled more than $3 billion in claims processing. We pioneered the automation of clearinghouse connectivity for billing and collections.

Employees Matter

We understand the intricacies of recruiting and hiring staff and how technology can automate your staffing requirements.

Performance Matters

Speed of design, testing, and implementation are important. Stop spending millions on integration delays. Our innovations are designed to move fast.

Cost Matters

Our innovations are all designed to maximize your ROI. Our solutions come with a 25% ROI guarantee or your money back.

Compliance Matters

Our innovations team is led by a healthcare attorney and technology consultant. We are leaders in automated compliance enforcement


Knowledge Matters

Our research team covers industries, politics, religion, and trends across the globe to decide on our next innovations. See our reading list.

Ready to build something beautiful?

“Time may not be on our side, but innovation is.”